Veterinary Pharmacy

The Animal Clinic of Hampton Bays is proud to offer the latest veterinary products and medications for your pet. Our prices are competitive with those listed at online pet pharmacies. More importantly, when you purchase products from us, you’re also purchasing peace of mind that the products are safe and recommended by our veterinarians. We have a wide variety of medications including oral antibiotics, injectable antibiotics, pain medications, dewormers, and topical preparations and in stock, so we can initiate treatment quickly and make your pet as comfortable as possible. Our clinic stocks a wide-variety of preventatives for your pet including collars, topicals, and oral medication.  Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you select the best option for you and your pet.

We offer the following products for sale:


Topical Products:

Frontline: safe for dogs and cats, effective for fleas and ticks.

Revolution: safe for dogs and cats. Effective for fleas, ticks, ear mites and preventing certain parasite infections.

Seresto Collar: safe for dogs and cats. Effective for uninterrupted protection against fleas & ticks.A reliable 8 months of protection, waterproof, and safe around children.

 Oral Treatments:

Capstar: Safe for dogs and cats. Effective for killing fleas fast with no residual flea repellent activity.

Interceptor Plus: Safe for dogs. Effective for inhibiting reproduction of fleas and kills intestinal parasites,hookworms, roundworms, whipworms and heartworms.

Nexgard: Safe for dogs. Effective for killing fleas & ticks. A beef flavored chewable that is easy to administer.

Bravecto: Safe for dogs. Effective for killing fleas and ticks. Must be over 6 months of age before administering.

Therapeutic Diets:

We offer our clients high-quality therapeutic diets from Purina and Royal Canin, for those pets with special needs.  Although therapeutic diets may be a little more expensive than those bought from a pet store, their use may limit the need for additional prescriptions in the future, and decrease your overall cost of treatment.  Our diets are highly palatable and carry a 100% guarantee.

**At Animal Clinic of Hampton Bays, we want to make treatment of your pets easier, so are now offering online ordering to have these products shipped directly to your door. **