Susan W. found our animal clinic on a flyer around town. She brought in her pet and was greeted by our receptionist warmly and cheerful. They gave their undivided attention and were very hospitable. The technician was gentle with my pet & seemed proficient. She felt Dr. Walker was trustworthy, professional, and convenient. She said she felt like Dr. Walker treats her like she’s her only client and her friends she’s referred here feel the same. This is her pet Boscoroni after getting a relaxing spa grooming treatment with Tony.

“I cannot express my thanks to you & your staff enough! You are the most caring & compassionate veterinarian I have ever met. Tony does a wonderful job with Nico every time he comes in for grooming. I tell everyone I know about you & your services. I consider you as a friend, and it is an honor & a privilege to know you! I am responsible for my pets health & safety & it is a relief that I have you to provide me with your services. My goal in life is to be the person my dog thinks I am!.” This is Nico below after a fabulous grooming job well done!”

– Mr. & Mrs S

The Goodman Family was referred to us by a rescue organization RSVP that we work with for the treatment of a dog she recently adopted. She was very surprised and please with Dr Walker and our staff. She decided early on to bring all of her pets in to our hospital. In addition to her concerns being heard and checked out by Dr Walker, her animals were treated special and their health is valued important. Her concerns were not ignored or dismissed, but looked into and then treatment was followed through. She feels that our practice is a well run exceptional practice with a very caring and devoted Dr Walker at the helm. “In this practice, the client has an exceptional Doctor & a wonderful staff. In many practices this is not the case. The first concern here, at this practice is the pet. The well being and health of the pet is Dr Walker’s first & foremost concern, and understanding the pet’s environment at home and making the pet and their family welcome & comfortable and yet still running a hospital. We are thankful and confident in this hospital. Dr’s and staff are wonderful. We can not say enough.” Thank you so much Mr. & Mrs. Goodman for your participation in giving us your thoughts.

We received an immaculate rating from one of our great clients. Her pet listed here is Bucephalus, a very handsome & clever kitty. She finds our practice comfortable, neat & clean. Our office hours are convenient & her call was answered promptly. She found her phone call very courteous & informative. Our receptionist was very hospitable, warm & cheerful, & gave their undivided attention towards her & her pet. Her reason for choosing this hospital is “I have a skin dog. This is the third vet we tried and he is much better!” (Referring to her dog Nikki) YAYY we are always glad to hear that they are doing great, & hope he stays that way. Thank you for your positive feedback.

Mrs. Z was referred to us by a friend and once she arrived she felt comfortable with the staff and facility. “I couldn’t believe the care and attention that was given to my dog. There are no words to express how grateful and happy I am with the services that were provided for my dog as well as the treatment my family received. Thank you for all you have done. Your care and comforting was exceptional. I will definitely recommend your office to all my friends and family. Thank you again! Much Appreciation-

“I like Dr. Walker, the way she interacts with people & their pets is excellent. She stayed late when my dog needed her too. That was wonderful, caring & kind. Tony is great at grooming & very personable and friendly. ” Thank you Mrs. G for your compliments.

“I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you fixing Brooklyn! She is doing great! I was really impressed with your office and staff. Everyone was really nice and it was the cleanest office I ever been too. It really meant a lot to me that you helped me so much and I hope I can repay the favor. Again many thanks!

– Mr. M